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Early Christian Quotes On Speech

Early Christian Quotes On Speech


The Shepherd of Hermas

(1st or 2nd Century)

Commandment 2:


The angel said, “Don’t speak evil of anyone, nor listen with pleasure to anyone who speaks evil of another person. If you do listen and believe the slander you hear, you will be taking part in the sin of the one speaking, because if you believe it, then you too will have something to say against the person.


Slander is an unsteady demon. It never abides in peace but always remains in discord. Keep yourself from it, and you will always be at peace with everyone.



The Shepherd of Hermas

(1st or 2nd Century)

Commandment 3:


The angel said, “Love the truth and let nothing but truth come out of your mouth so that the spirit God has placed in your body may be found truthful before all men; and the Lord, who dwells in you, will be glorified, because the Lord is truthful in every word, and in Him is no lie.


“Those who lie deny the Lord and rob Him by not returning the deposit He gave them. He gave them a spirit free of deceit. If they give the spirit back when it has been lying, they break the commandment of the Lord and become robbers.”



Fragments of Irenaeus

(Late 2nd Century)

Paragraph 9:


Always speaking well of the deserving, but never poorly of the undeserving, we strive for the glory and kingdom of God.



Sentences of Sextus

(Early 3rd Century)



(158/159) Love the truth, and use the lie like poison.


(161/162) Speak when it is not right to be silent but speak only concerning the things you know when the time is right.


(163b) When it is the time to act, do not use a word.


(164a) Do not wish to speak first in a crowd.


(165a) It is better for you to be defeated while speaking the truth than to be victorious through deceit.


(165c) Untrue words are a characteristic of an evil person.


(165d) There has to be a great crisis before the lie is necessary.


(169) It is not possible for a faith-filled person to become fond of lying.


(171b) When you are with believing persons, desire to listen rather than to speak.


(354/356) Do not speak with a godless person about God; if you are polluted on account of impure works, do not speak about God.


(355) Speak about the word of God as if you were saying it in the presence of God.


(359) May your devout works precede every word about God.


(360) Do not wish to speak with a crowd about God.


(365) He who speaks the word of God to those for whom it is not lawful, is a betrayer to God.


(366) It is better for you to be silent about the word of God than to speak recklessly.



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