Monday, March 29, 2021

Children's Ministry Training

Scope of the Training: In this course, you will gain the knowledge you need to create an effective children's ministry.

1. Watch the following videos:

Why We Do Kid's Ministry

The Effective Sunday School Teacher

Action: Write a minimum 250-word plan for how you will prepare for your teaching sessions.


2. Read my article on children's ministry

and watch The Complete Annual Strategy for Kids Ministry

Action: Draft a weekly, monthly, and yearly plan for how to structure children's ministry in your setting.


3. Watch the following videos:

Sunday School Teaching Techniques


4 Tips to Be More Effective

How to Teach a Sunday School Lesson Using the Bible


Communicate with Visuals


Use Object Lessons


Incorporate Games

3 Ways to Teach


Intro Lesson for a New Class

Action: Using what you've learned from these videos, write a 1,000-word minimum lesson plan for an hour-long children's ministry session.


Action: Write a 250-word minimum children's sermon. 


4. Take notes as you watch the following videos.

Getting Kids to Talk


Answering Questions


Taking Student Prayer Requests 


You Can SING with Kids!

5. Watch Teaching Pre-School

Action: Write a minimum 250-word lesson plan for teaching pre-school children.

6. Watch Welcoming New Students

Action: Draft a 250-word minimum plan for welcoming new students into your ministry.


7. Watch the following videos:

The Strong-Willed Child


Working with At-Risk Youth


How to Teach Kids with Special Needs


Helping Kids in Crisis

Action: Draft a 500-word minimum plan for dealing with disruptive, non-responsive, special needs, and in-crisis children.


8. Watch Keeping Parents Involved

Action: Draft a 250-word minimum plan for gaining parents' support in your ministry.


9. Watch the following videos:

How to Recruit Volunteers


 Asking for Behind-the-Scenes Help


Working with Other Teachers

Action: Draft a minimum 250-word plan for recruiting ministry partners and building your team's unity and effectiveness.





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