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Christian Party Games

Bible Scramble (Excellent)
This isn't your normal trivia game! You have to spell out your answers using the tiles before your opponents do or you have to pay up in shekels. And misspellings also earn you a fee. Once you lose all your shekels, you're out.

Cranium: Bible Edition (Excellent)
One of my absolute favorite group games. It has everything from charades and Pictionary to trivia and word puzzles.

Cranium Bible Edition

Guesstures: Bible Edition (Excellent)
A fun team charades game in which you race against the timer to get as many cards correctly guessed per round.

Cactus Games Guesstures: Bible Edition

Outburst: Bible Edition (Excellent
Here's a good one for team play. Each clue has 10 answers. Test your Bible knowledge as a team to get as many of those ten as you can.


Pharisees (Excellent
If you enjoy the game "Mafia," you'll love this even more. It's Pharisees vs. Disciples with each player assigned a different role, including people from the Old and New Testaments, as you try to figure out who the Pharisee is. It's great for youth groups and young adult small groups.


Unauthorized (Excellent)
Watch the walkthrough video!
Being a Christian is illegal. Can you survive and keep your members loyal? This is a fast, fun game for a group of 6-12 players.


Apples to Apples: Bible Edition (Good
One person says a word and the others use the cards in their hand to try to best match that word. Like the original game, this version is hilarious and can be thought-provoking as well.


The Bible MiniSeries Game (Good)
This trivia game mixes drawing with straight questions and answers. If you enjoyed the series, this game might be right up your alley. Otherwise, it's still a good game with questions that aren't too difficult, but it might not have quite the appeal for you if you haven't watched the show.


Bible Taboo (Good)
Get your teammates to guess the right word by giving them verbal clues. You just can't say the most obvious words.

Image result for bible taboo game

Inklings (Good)
This is a fun individual or team trivia game. The cards give you clues, but if you guess the right answer before all the clues have been given, you get more points. Of course, you could risk all the points by getting it wrong...


It's All About that Grace (Good)
This is a simple game that shows that grace wins over sin every time. It's a competitive, tongue-in-cheek game that allows you to accuse others of sin when you have enough Good Works cards. You also have a chance to draw a sin every time you take a new card. If you're accused or draw a sin and don't have a grace card, you lose. There are other cards in the deck, however, that give you advantages and add to the strategy of the game. It pokes fun, makes you think, and is great for as few as two people up to a group of 6 or 8.


Let's Have Church!!! (Good)
This is a funny trivia game that combines charades, Pictionary, and multiple choice and true/false-type questions. The highlight for me are the questions based on surveys of what church folk actually do and the questions that make you think about whether a saying is in the Bible or simply something Christians say.

"LET'S HAVE CHURCH!!!" The Hilarious Game About Church Folk!

Mad Gab: Bible Edition (Good)
This game is hilarious. You read a card that sounds like something but reads like gibberish. Your team then gives you clues to help you guess what you're supposed to be saying. It's a very neat concept. Give it a try!

Bible Mad Gab

Parables & Miracles of Jesus (Good
This game combines some interesting mechanics, including guessing, math, and Biblical knowledge. It's best for an adult Bible Study or youth group, but you can take out some cards to make it easier for children to play too.

Watch the video tutorial!

Proverbial Wisdom and Proverbial Wisdom Junior (Good
I like that there's a mix of question types, including a more active type in which you draw the clue for your teammates. The sayings should also be familiar enough for most people to enjoy playing without being lost for lack of Biblical knowledge.


Refraze: Christian Edition (Good)
This is another game that will make you think as you try to guess the name of the Biblical person or place from the strangely worded clue. There's no real strategy to the game, but it can be an entertaining and challenging game for a group of friends or a small group.


The Road to Bethlehem (Good)
Watch the game trailer!
This is a board game mixed with a party game, which makes it a little more strategic than some other party games we've seen. Players will act out challenges as the game progresses, and there's also a lot of replay value in the various scenarios to try.

Scattergories: Bible Edition (Good)
This is a fun thinking party game. You have different categories and you have to think of a word that starts with the chosen letter that round to match as many categories as possible. If you think of more than everyone else, you win. Just don't think of the same answer as someone else or they'll cancel each other out.


The American Bible Challenge (Fair)
I like that there's a variety of question types, including trivia, spelling, and sequencing, but the game can get a bit repetitive.


Babble (Fair)
This is a fun, fast-paced game for groups. Players read words on their card. When someone reads the same word, which happens fairly often because of the limited word selection, they roll the dice to see who gets the point for the match. It's a fun game, but interest wanes fairly quickly.

Bible Blurt! (Fair)
This is another trivia game that makes you think quickly to come up with the right word to answer the question. It's not too difficult, so it makes a good party game.

Bible Charades (Fair)
Great idea, but they tried to make too many cards to go with it, so a lot of the clues are either too difficult to act out or guess. The best thing to do is to go through and take out the more difficult cards before you play.


Catholic Trivia (Fair)
Don't even try this game unless you're Catholic! If you are, you'll find lots of interesting questions, though it's really just a straight question and answer game that's good for conversation but not any kind of strategic gameplay.


Sum Word Game: Bible Edition (Fair)
Try to guess the word in 1, 2, 3, or 4 parts as your teammates give you acting, verbal, or drawing clues. If, for example, the word is loving-kindness, your teammates would have to get you to guess "loving," then "kindness" before you could put it all together. It's a good concept, but some of the combinations might be a little too obtuse for some players.


Do You Know of Any Other Christian Party Games?

Let me know in the comments, and I'll add it to the list. Game developers can send review copies if they wish.


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