Sunday, May 2, 2021

Children’s Sermon on Romans 8:14-17 - Calling God "Abba"

Children’s Sermon on Romans 8:14-17 - Calling God "Abba"

Use this children’s sermon to teach kids what it means to call God our Father and Jesus our brother.


Scripture: Romans 8


Needed: a picture of Master and Slave, King and Servant, Father and Son (included)


Children’s Sermon: Ask children, How would you describe your relationship to God? Is God like the Master and you’re His slave? (Show picture of slave and master.)



Or is God like the King and you’re His servant? (Show picture of king and servant.)



Or what about this relationship? (Show picture of father and son.)



What does this picture show? (A father and son!)


God is like our master and king in that we have to listen to Him, but the Bible most often talks about God as being our Father and we as being His children. So, let’s talk about how God is like a Father to us.


What are some things your father does for you and with you? (Show how God does the same things with and for us.)


He spends time with us

He cares for us

He teaches us

He protects us

He loves us


And what do you call your father?


The Bible says we can call God “Dad” or “Daddy.” We can have that close of a relationship with God. And our Bible passage today says not only is God our Daddy but Jesus is our Big Brother! When we believe in God, we become part of God and Jesus’ family!


Closing Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank You for being a Father to us. And, Jesus, we thank You for being our Big Brother. We ask that You would teach us more and more what it means to be part of Your family. Amen.




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