Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Children's Sermon on Psalm 8 – What Does Praise Do?

Children's Sermon on Psalm 8 – What Does Praise Do?

Use this children’s sermon on Psalm 8 to teach kids the power of praise.


Scripture: Psalm 8


Needed: a picture of Satan running away and a picture of a stronghold (included below)


Children’s Sermon: Ask children, Do you believe there’s a real devil? (I do. The Bible tells us he was an angel who rebelled against God.)


What does the devil do? (He tempts us to do wrong things, to sin against God.)


How do we fight against the devil when he tries to get us to do wrong things?


The Bible tells us that if we resist the devil, he will run away from us (show your picture of Satan running away.)


But do you think the devil will run away from anyone, or just pastors? Will he run away from children, or just adults?


Our passage today says that even children can stop the enemy.


(Read Psalm 8:2, quoted here in the NIV.)


“Through the praise of children and infants

    you have established a stronghold against your enemies,

    to silence the foe and the avenger.”


It says your praise to God is like a stronghold against the enemy. What’s a stronghold? (Show your picture of a stronghold.)


A stronghold is a strong place with a wall around it that the enemy can’t get into. When we praise God, it’s like a wall that stops the enemy. It blocks him from getting to us. And what happens when the enemy is blocked and can’t tempt us? (He runs away and leaves us alone for a while! Show your picture of Satan running away again.)


So, when you feel the devil tempting you to do something wrong, praise God, and the devil will leave you alone. Maybe you can sing a praise song you learned at church, or you can pray and tell God how great He is. Those are both ways to praise God and make the devil run away.


Closing Prayer: Father God, we thank You that You have given us power over the devil. We don’t have to do the wrong things he tempts us to do. When we feel tempted to sin against you, help us remember to praise You and stand strong in the stronghold You have made for us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.






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