Friday, September 10, 2021

Isaiah 37:14,15 Devotion by Stephen Taylor

Isaiah 37:14,15

Hezekiah received the letter from the messengers and read it. Then he went up to the temple of the LORD and spread it out before the LORD. And Hezekiah prayed to the LORD:


Where are we turning in times of trouble? Where are we taking our bad news? Hezekiah just received a threat from the King of Assyria, a King with an army much stronger and bigger than his own. He was surrounded and trapped in the city, so what did he do? He takes it to the Lord in prayer! He doesn’t try to bargain with his enemy or buy his way out of it but rather takes the threatening letter and his distressed heart to the Lord!


He doesn’t take it and lay it before the Lord so that that Lord can read it or see what it says. But he is symbolically saying, “Here it is, Lord, and I’m letting go and laying it at Your feet!” What freedom and power are found in surrender! Hezekiah knows there is only one answer for His problem, and it’s not found on the earth but rather in the One who created it.


I also see this as Hezekiah humbling himself before the Lord because to lay it down you, have to get down, and when we get down in front of the Lord, He will raise you up! I’m sure there was pressure from those around him to take the deal offered by the enemy and surrender, but Hezekiah served the Living God who bows to no one, and we do too! Our hope isn’t in this world but in the Lord! When our enemies surround us, are we going to take the deal they offer or take it to the Lord in prayer? Let’s lay our battles, our hearts, our lives at the feet of the Lord, and let Him be our Rock of Refuge and Deliverer today!


James 4:10 - Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.


Psalm 18:2 - The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.


God bless! I love you all! Glory, Honor, and Praise now and forever to Papa God, Jesus Christ our King, and the Holy Spirit!




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