Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Children’s Sermon on Luke 5:17-26 – Who Can Forgive Sins?

Children’s Sermon on Luke 5:17-26 – Who Can Forgive Sins?

Use this children’s sermon on Jesus forgiving the paralyzed man’s sins to show kids that Jesus is God.


Scripture: Luke 5:17-26


Needed: “Alex” paper doll (included)


Children’s Sermon: Say, This is Alex. 



Alex is a pretty good kid. He loves Jesus and usually does what his parents tell him to do, and he’s usually nice to his brother and sister. But earlier today, Alex did something wrong.


What do you think Alex did? (Kids will probably name something they’ve done wrong. Choose one suggestion from the kids and continue the story as if Alex had done it.)


Today, Alex _.


Now, Alex wants to be forgiven for _.


Who should he ask to forgive him?


(Depending on the example you’re using, Alex might need to ask forgiveness from:


The person he did something wrong to

His parents because they gave him the rule not to do _

God, because God ultimately gives us all the rules for how we should live)


Do you think all those people will forgive Alex?


I think they will. And I know God will forgive Alex. In our Bible passage today, Jesus shows that He has the power and the desire to forgive sins. And Jesus is God, so if Jesus forgives us, God forgives us.


Closing Prayer: Jesus, we thank You that You always want to forgive our sins. Help us confess our sins to You so that we can be forgiven. Help us to ask other people for their forgiveness when we do something wrong to them. Amen.




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