Friday, January 14, 2022

Children’s Sermon on Revelation 2 – Letter to Pergamum – White Stones and New Names!

Children’s Sermon on Revelation 2 – Letter to Pergamum – White Stones and New Names!

Use this children’s sermon on the white stone with a new name written on it to show children Jesus forgives us for our sins and counts as special to Him. 

Scripture: Revelation 2:17

Needed: a black stone, a white stone with a question mark drawn on the bottom

Children’s Sermon: Tell students, Today, we’re going to have a pretend court trial. Who wants to pretend they’ve been accused of a crime, got arrested, and now has to go to court to see if they’re guilty or innocent? (Choose a student.)

Who can think of a crime we can pretend this person was accused of? (Choose a suggestion, maybe stealing a candy bar from the store.)

So, _ was accused of _, the police arrested him, and now he’s come to court for the judge to decide if he’s guilty or innocent. I’m the judge. I will decide if he really committed the crime or not.

Now, let’s say I make my decision, and I give him a black stone (hold up the black stone). What do you think giving him a black stone would mean?

It would mean I think he’s guilty. But what if I give him a white stone (hand the white stone to the “accused”)? The white stone means I think he’s innocent. He didn’t do anything wrong.

The Bible tells us that even though we do wrong things, if we keep our faith in Jesus, He will forgive us for our wrong things and give us a white stone to say that He won’t count us guilty. Jesus’ death paid for our sins, so we won’t have to be punished.

Do you know what else Jesus says about the white stone He will give us? (Tell the “accused” to flip the stone over and show the question mark.) Jesus says each of our stones will have our new name written on it. It’s a name that only God and we know. It’s our special name from the Lord.

Jesus will give us a white stone to say He forgives us and that we are special to Him because He gives us a name only He knows.

Closing Prayer: Jesus, we thank You for dying on the cross to take the punishment for our sins. We thank You that You won’t count us guilty when we appear before You, but You forgive us for every wrong thing we do. We thank You for loving each one of us and showing that we are special to You by giving us a new name. Help us to be faithful to You. Amen.




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