Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Write for BibleHelps and Earn Money for Your Ministry!

Hi, friends! Do you have an idea for a ministry resource? Share it on BibleHelps!

What Do You Get for Writing for BibleHelps?

1. Publishing Credit. You will get full credit for the resources you write. Your name will appear at the end of each published submission.

2. Recognition for Your Ministry. Along with your material, you can include a link to your ministry or personal website and ask for donations to further your ministry.

3. A Donation to Your Ministry or Personal Work. There will be a donation pool divided equally between authors we publish each month. The donation pool for April 2019 is $1,000.

4. Possible Bonus Donations for Reader Favorites. The month after we publish your submission, readers will be able to vote on which resource they liked the best during that month. When one of your submissions is voted the best, you'll receive an additional bonus. The bonus for April 2019 is $100.

What Can You Write?

For April 2019, we're accepting submissions for children's ministry resources, including children's sermons and children's Sunday School lessons. We only accept original material, so please do not send any resources that you or someone else published elsewhere, either online or in print.

Is There a Limit to How Many Submissions You Can Send In?

No. You can send as many resources as you like. Each resource we publish during the month's time frame is another chance for your work to be voted highest that month.

When is the Deadline for Submissions?

Submissions for April 2019 need to be received by April 21, 2019. Submissions received after April 21, 2019 will count as a submission for May.

How to Ensure Your Submission is Accepted

BibleHelps will maintain a strict policy of only publishing high-quality resources that we believe will benefit our readers. So, what can you do to increase your chances of being published?

1. Ensure that your submission is useful to a broad audience.

2. Proofread your work. I suggest using the free version of Grammarly to check your work.

3. If you're writing a children's Sunday School lesson, please include 2-3 activities to go along with your lesson. You can create your own activities or use the ideas we've already published. If you're writing a children's sermon, include an appropriate activity or object lesson.

4. Include your name, PayPal payment information where you can accept donations, and links to your ministry or personal website.

5. While not required, we do request that your material cover a Bible passage different from those already published for your type of resource. In other words, if you write a children's Sunday School lesson based on a passage of Scripture that we do not yet have a lesson for, we are much more likely to publish your work. Our goal is to broaden our resources before we publish multiple resources for the same passage.

What Rights Do You Give Us by Submitting Your Work?

BibleHelps retains the right to edit any submission before we publish it. If we decide not to publish your submission, we will send you our feedback, and you can always re-submit.

Furthermore, BibleHelps may decide to include your submission in a published book collection with no further donations to you. If we do publish your work as part of a book, we will still include your name and website links in the book.

How to Submit?

Send an email to Please allow for up to 30 days before receiving feedback. All submissions received before April 21, 2019, will be published or rejected by April 31, 2019.

Thank you, and may God's Spirit continue to be with your spirit as you write for His glory.
- Steve