Friday, March 22, 2019

The Created Series Youth Bible Studies

The Created Series

1. Created? - Genesis 1:1. Creation needs a Creator. 

2. Created by the Creator - Genesis 1:1-25. Exploring God's process of creation. 

3. Dinosaurs in the Bible? Dragons? - Genesis 1:20-25. The Bible includes descriptions of dinosaurs of dragons. 

4. Created to be Like the Creator - Genesis 1:24-27. Jesus is renewing the image of God in us. 

5. Created as Stewards - Genesis 1:26-31. We have a responsibility to care for creation as God would. 

6. Men and Women Created Equally? - Genesis 2:18-25. God originally created men and women to be equal.

7. What was the Fall?Genesis 3. The tree of life will still be available for those who believe in Christ. 

8. Inheriting the Fall - Genesis 4. We fight against our sinful nature by giving ourselves to God and allowing Him to transform us. 

9. Enoch Walked with God - Genesis 5:18-24. If we walk with God like Enoch did, God will also take us to Heaven.

10. The Nephilim  - Genesis 6:1-4. Demons aren't Fallen angels; they're their kids. 

11. Noah - Righteous and Blameless - Genesis 6:1-22. God spared Noah for a reason. 

12. Springs of the Great Deep, Floodgates of Heaven, and the Ice Age - Genesis 7. Where did all that water come from, and where did it go after the Flood? 

13. The Flood, the Death Penalty, and the End of the World - Genesis 9:5-17. Sin has a punishment, but we have hope.

14. Noah Gets Drunk - Genesis 9:18-29. The Bible doesn't prohibit alcohol, but it does tell us not to abuse it. 

15. The Tower of Babel - Genesis 11:1-1. God confused people's language because of their pride, but will lift the curse in Heaven. 

16. Job Selected passages from the Book of Job. There's always hope with God.

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