Sunday, June 8, 2014

Isaiah Sunday School Lesson - "See, I am Doing a New Thing" - Isaiah 43:14-21

Use this Isaiah Sunday School lesson to teach kids about all the good things God does for us.

Say to students, You know what, we had a children's sermon last week. We don't need to do a new one this week, do we? Do you think we could just remember last week's lesson and that be enough?

In fact, we had church last week too. We don't need to have a new church service every week, do we? We could just have one and then remember that one church service for every week after that. Does that sound like a good idea?

Or what if God said, "I've done enough good things for people. I don't need to do any new good things for them. They can just remember the good things I've already done." Would you like it if God stopped doing good things for us?

I wouldn't like it. I like how God does new things for us. In fact, in the Bible, God reminded people of the good things that He did for them in the past, but then He told them that He was also going to do new good things for them.

(Read or paraphrase Isaiah 43:14-21.)

God wants us to remember the good things He's done for us in the past, but the really great thing about God is that He never runs out of new good things to do for us. He's always doing some new good thing.

Let's pray about that.

Sample prayer: God, we thank You that You are so good and loving and creative that You can always think of new good things to do for us. We pray that You will help us to enjoy each new good thing that You give us.

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