Monday, June 9, 2014

Psalm Sunday School Lesson - Wash Me Whiter than Snow - Psalm 51

Use this Psalm Sunday School lesson to teach children about how God washes our sins away.

Needed: Whiteboard, chalkboard, or a pencil with eraser

Ask, How many of you have ever done something wrong? Something bad that you weren't supposed to do?

(Admit to something you've done.)

How does it make you feel inside when you do something bad? (Guilty.)

If you feel guilty about something bad you've done, what can you do to make yourself feel better? (Apologize, ask forgiveness, don't think about it, do something good, etc.)

The Bible tells us that if we want to stop feeling guilty, we should tell God the bad thing we've done and ask Him to forgive us.

(Paraphrase or read Psalm 51:1-7.)

(Show students a dirty whiteboard or whatever prop you're using.) Imagine that all this dirt is our guilt. It's dirty. It makes us feel bad. But when we ask God to forgive us, He takes all our guilt away and makes us clean again. (Wash board with eraser.) God doesn't like it when we do bad things, but He loves us so much that He's always willing to forgive us and make us clean again.

Let's pray about that.

Sample prayer: God, we thank You for forgiving us and washing away all of our sin and our guilt. We pray that You would help us to live for You and to do the right things that You want us to do. Amen.

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