Thursday, April 11, 2019

David, the Mighty Runt Youth Bible Study Series

David, the Mighty Runt

1. Don't Judge a King by His Cover - Being a Person After God's Own Heart - 1 Samuel 16. Love the Lord, and He will choose to work through You. 

2. Playing the Harp for Your Enemy - Doing Good to All - 1 Samuel 16. God calls us to show love to everyone, even our enemies. 

3. David and Goliath - Trusting God in the Face of Difficulty - 1 Samuel 17. Trust God and know that He can help you accomplish anything. 

4. David and Jonathan - Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself - 1 Samuel 18, 20. God calls us to put others' good above our own. 

5. David Lies - Right or Wrong? - 1 Samuel 21; 1 Kings 22. God cares about our motives. 

6. Saul Pees and Lives to Tell about It! - 1 Samuel 24. We can leave God to punish others if He needs to while we continue to act rightly.

7. The "Ghost" of Samuel 1 Samuel 28. Most ghost sightings are deceptions, but there have been times when spirits have come back from the dead.

8. The Death of King Saul - Dying Well - 2 Samuel 1. Only God can decide when it's okay to end a life and when to spare one. 

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