Friday, February 5, 2021

Children's Sermon on Psalm 4 - He Gives Us Peace

Children’s Sermon on Psalm 4 – He Gives Us Peace

Use this children’s sermon on Psalm 4 to show students how God can give us peace in our souls so that we can go to sleep.


Scripture: Psalm 4


Needed: nothing


Children’s Sermon: Tell children you’re going to play a little game. You want them to lie down and pretend they’re going to sleep.


“Everything is peaceful. You’re very tired, drifting off to sleep…


(Shout) “Then you remember someone is mad at you, and now they’re you’re enemy!


(Kids will jump at your shout. In a soothing voice, tell them to lie back down and go to sleep, then repeat the pattern for the following concerns that might stir them sleep.)


“You did something wrong today!


“You forgot to do something that really needs to be done!


“You lost something today and can’t find it!


“Your favorite thing broke today!”


At the end of this series, ask, “Why aren’t you sleeping yet?


“We all have many things that could weigh on our minds and hearts and keep us from sleeping. But listen to what David says at the end of Psalm 4…


(Read Psalm 4:8, then have kids lie back down and say the following in a gentle voice.)


Trust in the Lord.

He forgives you.

He will be with you in all your problems.

He will answer your prayers.

He will do good things for you.


If we trust in God, He gives us peace, and we don’t have to worry about anything.


Closing Prayer: Lord, thank You for giving us peace. You are a good God. Amen.




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