Friday, February 5, 2021

Children's Sermon on Psalm 3 - A Shield against Temptation

Children’s Sermon on Psalm 3 – A Shield against Temptation

Use this children’s sermon about Psalm 3 to illustrate how God protects us against temptation and doubt.


Scripture: Psalm 3


Needed: picture of a tower shield (included)


Children’s Sermon: Ask kids, “What kind of enemies can people have?”


“Did you know that as Christians, we have enemies?


“Satan is our enemy. He’s always trying to get us to do wrong things.


“And sometimes, we become our own enemy. There’s a part of us that wants to do wrong things.


“And third, other people can be our enemy. If they try to get us to do wrong things, they’re acting as our enemy. If they don’t believe in God, that can make us doubt if we should believe in God. Or maybe they forcefully punish us if we do believe in God. That happens in some countries where it’s against the law to believe in God.


“But let’s listen to what David prayed when he had lots of enemies…


(Read Psalm 3:1-3.)


“David says God is like a shield to protect him. (Show your picture of a shield.)



“This is a picture of a tower shield, meant to protect someone when they’re fighting. It’s so big that it protects their whole body. And God is even bigger than a large shield like this, isn’t He? He can protect our spirits from all our enemies. He can keep us from giving in to temptation and doubt.


“We just have to trust in Him and remember to use Him as a shield. If a fighter has a shield but doesn’t use it, that shield won’t protect him, will it? So, if we want God to protect our spirits, we need to remember to pray to Him and ask for help.”


Closing Prayer: Father, You are our strong God. You are like a shield that protects us from all temptations and all doubts. Help us to remember to pray to You when we need help. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.



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