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Christian Board Games


I've tried to list all the Christian board games that have been published, along with my honest opinion of how the games rank. Some of the board games are a bit older and hard to find, but you can still get used copies from sellers on Amazon, eBay, etc.

What Are the Best Christian Board Games?

I'm ranking the games by level of my recommendation, from Excellent to Poor. Most of the links will take you to Amazon to purchase the game.

Angel Wars: The Board Game (Excellent)
I haven't seen the animated series this is based on, but this Checkers-like board game has a lot of replay value as you try to use different strategies to get your team to the other side of the board before your opponent does. It's a simple concept, but there are just enough twists in the game to keep it engaging.

Talicor 4102709 Family Games Angel Wars Board Game

Bible Sequence Board Game (Excellent)
Draw the cards and work with your partner to get 5 in a row before the other team does. The game will remind you of the Bible events, and there are Scripture references on the cards to look up the stories while you play. If you're looking for easy but fun board games to play, this fits the bill.

Bibleopoly Board Game (Excellent)
Like Monopoly except totally different. In this game, you help your fellow players and build a church. It's a very fun idea that turns Monopoly on its head. It's another good one if you're looking for family board games.

Late for the Sky Bibleopoly

Champions of Faith Board Game (Excellent)
In this game, you play as a character from the Bible and have your own mission to achieve. You work your way around the board, choosing which direction you go, trying to land on the spaces that will help you achieve your goal. Meanwhile, every other player is doing something similar. If you've ever played the fantasy game Talisman, it will feel very familiar.


Commissioned Board Game (Excellent)
Watch the gameplay video by the creator!
Build the early church, collect the Scriptures, and survive persecution in this cooperative, very strategic game.

Chara Games Commissioned

Cranium: Bible Edition Board Game (Excellent)
One of my absolute favorite group games. It has everything from charades and Pictionary to Bible trivia and word puzzles. It's one of those board games the whole family can enjoy, no matter how old they are.

Cranium Bible Edition

Daystar Board Game (Excellent)
Rather than a game, this is more like a simulation of the Christian life! Walk through the entire experience of being saved, developing in Christlikeness, and battling temptation in this game. There are also some trivia spaces that test your knowledge of the Bible.


Faith and Redemption Board Game (Excellent)
I love this game. First, you race to get the animals on the ark before the flood starts, then you travel the board seeking to avoid sins and convert as many people as possible. You have prayer and Scripture cards to help you along the way. Of course, landing on certain squares grants you bonuses as well, including forgiveness for sin cards you may have picked up during the game.


Kings of Israel Board Game (Excellent)
Play as the prophets trying to rid Israel of idolatry before the nation is overthrown by the Assyrians! This is a fun Bible game that will get you into and thinking about the time of the kings and prophets in Israel's history. There's also a lot of variety and strategy involved, making it a very solid game. Also, check out the video game version of the game on PC or Mac!


LifeStories Board Game: Christian Version  (Excellent)
This is a sharing game that's great for getting a group of people to talk. Use it to get to know some new friends or take it to your youth group to break the ice.

(Yes, I'm showing the back of the box on purpose.)


Portals and Prophets Board Game (Excellent, Video Intro)
Have you ever wanted to go back in time to witness the events of the Bible? This game is the next best thing! It reminds us of the stories with attractive cards and requires a lot of strategy to win against your opponents.


Redemption: City of Bondage Board Game (Excellent)
This is a very cool game based on the most successful of Bible-inspired card games. You enter the city and engage in spiritual warfare. Each enemy falls to your faith, wisdom, or good deeds.


The Road to Bethlehem Board Game (Excellent)
This is a game similar to Dungeons & Dragons in that you have one player who narrates the story and presents you with options. The difference, of course, is that it's a game for Christians, and you play as yourself, not a character you make up. As a team, you decide what to do and participate in real-life active challenges to act out parts of the story. The game is set up in chapters so that you'll need to play a few times before you reach the end of the story.


Settlers of Canaan Board Game (Excellent)
This edition of the famous Settlers of Catan game puts you in the shoes of one of the tribes of Israel, trying to settle your territory and organize the national capital of Jerusalem. If you like civilization building games, this one's for you.

Settlers Of Canaan

Solomon's Temple Board Game (Excellent)
Race against your opponent in this game to be the first to build your temple. While you're trying to get it done, you'll also have to fight off the Babylonians, sacrifice for your people's sins, and attend to other national matters that a king of Israel would have dealt with.


Soul of the Empire Board Game (Excellent)
Watch the promo video or gameplay video!
Looking for some combat and strategy? Try this game that pits four factions - Romans, Jews, and Christians - against each other under Nero's rule. This is a historically grounded game for serious gamers.

Soul of The Empire

 Abundant Harvest for Teens and Adults Board Game (Good)
If your kids are in the pre-teen or early teen years, this is a good game to play with them and get them thinking about real-life decisions. There isn't much direct Christian content in the game, but you can tell it's in the theme of the game, and you can certainly make your conversations about what God wants us to do in each situation and why.

Abundant Harvest for Teens and Adults

The Acts Board Game (Good)
Help spread the Good News and earn victory points at the same time! In this Bible game, you gain points by spreading out on the map or increasing your number of followers in a region depending on the strategies you employ and the cards you draw. It's a fun game similar to other civilization-building board games but with a much nobler purpose.


The Bible Game: Old Testament and New Testament Board Games (Good)
The two editions of this game combine luck, trivia, and a little bit of strategy. It's a simple, fast game that's great for families to play together.


Bible Tribond Board Game (Good)
What do the three clues have in common? Get the answer right, and you're that much closer to winning this very Trinity-fitting game. While being mostly just another Bible trivia game, I like the unique style of clues. Having three clues also makes the game a bit easier than answering open-ended trivia questions.

Cactus Games Bible Tribond

Bible Trivia Board Game (Good)
I like the multiple choice aspect of this game. It gives disciples of every level a better chance at answering correctly and thus having fun. There are also Judgment spaces and cards that do a variety of things when you land on them (not all of them are bad for you).


Catholic Family Bible Game (Good)
Though it says "Catholic," this game is suitable for any believer. And, yes, it looks dated, but it's still a good game. It's a trivia game with a board that's set up to walk through the Bible. The nice thing about the questions is that you can set different players to be on various difficulty levels, so it really is a family-friendly game and even good for playing with those who don't know the Bible as well as some other players.


Divinity, the New Catholic Catechism Learning System Board  Game (Good)
Players circle the board once, answering questions or performing activities for the spaces that they land on. It's a quick game and easy game to play and is a great way to learn or reinforce Bible teaching and all-around Christian knowledge.


Exodus from Egypt Board Game (Good)
The art is great for this game, and the questions and board are good for reviewing or discussing the Bible story. There's not a lot of strategy to the game, though.

Exodus From Egypt Board Game

Inspiration! Board Game (Good)
Part trivia, part strategy, part luck, there's something in this game for everyone. There are 3 play modes that increase its complexity. It's also a short game to learn and play. It's also a little different in that you're not answering questions based on the Bible but on Church history and how God has inspired His people to make scientific discoveries. The battle systems come into play as you control angels and other guardians to defeat obstacles in your path. 


The Journeys of Paul Board Game (Good)
Strategize against the other players in this game to see if you can build more churches in the places Paul visited.

Journeys of Paul Board Game

Miracles and Pitfalls Board Game (Good)
Answer Bible trivia questions in this game as you move around the board. Get blessings from the miracle cards to help you, or bad luck from the pitfall cards. You can often answer the category of question that your knowledge is strongest in, but sometimes, you'll have to meet the challenge of answering a category where you might be lacking.


Pilgrim's Progress Board Game (Good)
Coming with an illustrated book, this board game and story based on the classic allegory makes for some great discussion with your kids. Gameplay is fairly simple, though, as you mostly have to rely on the luck of the dice and what cards you pull without employing any conscious strategy.

Pilgrim's Progress: The Game

Salvation Challenge Board Game (Good)
This is a game that really emphasizes giving to missions. Unlike Monopoly in which you want to amass wealth, the object of this game is to get saved, get baptized, and then, give all your money to God's work. There are also special tiles that you land on to read Scripture or consider a spiritual insight.

Watch the original explanatory video montage!

Salvation Challenge Board Game by Talicor

Sola Fide - "Faith Alone" Board Game (Good)
Catholics vs. Protestants at the dawn of Martin Luther's Reformation. Which side can win the most influence over the Holy Roman Empire? This is a fairly simple game with a lot of educational value. If you're interested in the history of the Church, it's well worth playing.
The Ungame Board Game: Christian Version (Good)
Answer questions while racing around the board. This game is a great conversation starter.

The Ungame - Christian Version

Wisdom of Solomon Board Game (Good)
The title of this game is a little deceiving because you're not playing or making decisions as Solomon. You're acting as his governors and competing for his favor as you build the kingdom and trade resources. It does take a lot of strategy to win, and some of the cards have Bible verses written on them as the flavor text. It also puts in the mindset of the time period, so it's worth playing but don't expect much spiritual benefit from this game.


Vatican Board Game: Unlock the Secrets of How Men Become Pope (Good)
Whether you're Catholic or not, you're bound to find this game interesting. It combines elements of Monopoly with role playing as you try to gain appointments in the Church and ensure that your opinions are viewed favorably by your fellow Cardinals. There's more luck than strategy to this game, but it's still a fun game to play, and it's certainly eye-opening, no matter what brand of Christ-follower you are. If you enjoy trying new board games, add this game to your list.


WWJD? Board Game (Good)
What would Jesus do? Let this game help you think about how you could live out your faith in these real-life situations.

The American Bible Challenge Board Game (Fair)
I like that there's a variety of question types, including Bible trivia, spelling, and sequencing, but the game can get a bit repetitive.


Bible Baffle Board Game (Fair)
This is another Bible trivia game that's very simple to play as you move up in your rainbow, but some of the questions are rather difficult. It's also based on the KJV, which can sometimes be an issue when referencing certain names. All in all, you answer questions correctly or you don't. Not much more to the game than that.


Bible Baseball Board Game (Fair)
Move your token around the bases as you and your teammates answer Bible trivia questions correctly. This game been a Sunday School staple for years, but it works just as well with families who enjoy sports. There's not much strategy to the game, though, so the "baseball" is for visualization only.
Bible Baseball

Bible Challenge Board Game (Fair)
The goal of this Bible trivia game is to be the first to answer a question from all seven categories correctly, and besides the categories, there's a wide variety of questions, both in the number of questions and in their difficulty. Still, it's not much more than a question and answer game.

Bible Blurt! Board Game (Fair)
This is another Bible trivia game that makes you think quickly to come up with the right word to answer the question. It's not too difficult, so it makes a good party game.

Bible Journeys / The Life of Board Games (Fair)

Each of these board games have you answering multiple-choice trivia questions as you advance through the story on the board. They're good for reviewing and discussing the Bible but are fairly simple.

Egypt to Canaan (Exodus game)
Egypt to Canaan Game

The Life of Daniel

The Life of Christ
The Life of Christ

The Life of Paul

Left Behind: The Movie Board Game (Fair)
It's lacking in gameplay, but it generates great discussion! This game is for those who enjoy the Left Behind franchise.


Do You Know of a Published Christian-Inspired Board Game I Haven't Listed?

Let me know in the comments, and I'll look it up! I especially enjoy hearing from other game developers. Just be aware that I only post board games that are based on the Bible or otherwise qualify as an overtly Christianity-centered game.




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