Friday, May 14, 2021

Children’s Sermon on Romans 9:1-4 – Caring for Others Enough to Tell Them about Jesus

Children’s Sermon on Romans 9:1-4 – Caring for Others Enough to Tell Them about Jesus

Use this children’s sermon on evangelism to show kids why we need to tell other people about Jesus.


Scripture: Romans 9


Needed: photos of different types of people (included)


Children’s Sermon: Ask children, What did Jesus do for us?


He died to take the punishment for our sins. If Jesus didn’t die for us, we would have to be punished for our sins. We would have to die and go to Hell. But because Jesus already took our punishment for us, we can be saved.


Who did Jesus come to save? (Everyone.)


Did Jesus get a chance to talk to everyone in the whole world and tell them how to be saved? (No, Jesus didn’t have time to tell everyone.)


So, if Jesus wants everyone to be saved, but He didn’t get a chance to tell everyone how to be saved, how will people hear how to be saved?


We have to tell people for Jesus!


(Show your series of pictures, asking after each one, “Could you tell this person about Jesus and how they can be saved?”)


We can tell all types of people how they can be saved. We can meet them in our town where we live or we can visit the places they live and talk to them there. And we should do our best to tell people how to be saved.


The Apostle Paul wanted his fellow Israelites to be saved so badly that he said he would be willing to trade places with them; he would stop being a Christian if they would become Christians.  


(Read Romans 9:1-4, quoted here in the NIV.)


I speak the truth in Christ—I am not lying, my conscience confirms it through the Holy Spirit— I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart. For I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my people, those of my own race, the people of Israel.”


We can’t actually trade places with someone; Paul was just saying he was sad his people didn’t believe in Jesus. And it should make us a little sad for them too. We should want people to believe in Jesus so that they can be saved. So, let’s do our best to tell all the people Jesus didn’t have a chance to talk to, okay?


Closing Prayer: Jesus, we thank You for coming and dying on the cross to take the punishment for our sins so that we can be saved. Help us to care about others and tell them about what You did so that they can be saved too. Amen.




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