Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Children’s Sermon on John 2:13-25 – Zeal

Children’s Sermon on John 2:13-25 – Zeal

Use this children’s sermon on Jesus cleansing the Temple to teach kids to be passionate about the things of God.


Scripture: John 2:13-25


Needed: something that represents a hobby for you or something you’re a fan of


Children’s Sermon: Close your eyes and think about a time you got really excited about something… Open your eyes and tell me what you were excited about.


I get excited about _ (show your object and talk about why you like what that object represents). But even though I like _, I know there’s something I should be even more excited about. Do any of you know what made Jesus excited?


Jesus was excited about God. He knew God was so holy and so awesome and so good and so loving and so powerful (etc.) that He couldn’t help but be excited about God. He knew God was the best thing He could be excited about.


But one day, Jesus went to the Temple and He saw people buying and selling animals. He was so angry that He flipped over their tables and chased them out of the Temple area with a whip. He yelled, “This is supposed to be My Father’s House, and you’re making it into a store!”


After Jesus did this, His disciples remembered a verse that says, “Zeal [or passion or excitement] for your house will consume me.” Jesus was excited and passionate about God. He wanted the Temple to be a place where people could go and worship God, but they just wanted to make money.


When we think about God, we need to remember how awesome and holy He is. Who He is should make us excited to follow Him and worship Him and serve Him. Nothing else is as awesome or as important as God.


Closing Prayer: Father God, fill us with excitement for You. Help us to remember how awesome and holy You are. Turn our hearts to You so that You are what we are passionate about. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.




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