Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Children’s Sermon on John 3:1-21 – Who Was Nicodemus?

Children’s Sermon on John 3:1-21 – Who Was Nicodemus?

Use this children’s sermon about John 3 to show children that we all need Jesus.

Scripture: John 3:1-21


Needed: a picture of a prominent leader in your country, such as the current President


Children’s Sermon: Show children your picture of the leader and ask, Who is this? (If any don’t know, you can explain their position.)


This is a very important person in our country. In fact, they’re very important in the world. People respect them. They’ve been successful in their career. And they have a lot of money compared to most people. We would say that this person has it made!


They’re kind of like a man named Nicodemus in the Bible. Nicodemus was a religious leader in Israel during the time Jesus was alive on earth. Nicodemus was also a member of the Sanhedrin, so he was a political leader who helped make laws for Israel and was a judge. He was a very important person. Anyone who knew about the leaders in Israel would know who Nicodemus was.


Now, this man named Nicodemus went to talk to Jesus one time, and do you know what Jesus told him? Jesus said, “Nicodemus, if you don’t believe in Me, you can’t go to Heaven.”


Can you believe that? Jesus told this very important person that he couldn’t go to Heaven unless he believed in Jesus! You see, it doesn’t matter how important someone is or how successful they are or how much money they have here on earth. Everyone has to believe in Jesus if they want to go to Heaven.


Closing Prayer: Jesus, we thank You for coming and dying for our sins. We thank You that all we have to do to go to Heaven is to truly believe in You. Help us not to think about how important people are on earth. Instead, help us to think about how great You are in Heaven. Amen.




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