Friday, July 30, 2021

Discerning what Bible-Teaching Resources to Use

There are lots of Bible-teaching resources available, so how can you discern what to listen to and read?


Ask yourself: 

  • Does this teaching add to my previous understanding of this Scripture passage, or take away from it? Do things "click into place" or fall apart?
  • Is this teaching trying to convince me the passage means something it doesn't seem to mean at a plain reading?
  • Is the teaching true but not telling me anything that isn't already evident from the passage itself? Is it too basic?
  • Does this teaching present interesting ideas but not feed my soul?
  • Does this teaching challenge me spiritually but seem unbalanced on the side of grace or truth?Does this teaching challenge me spiritually or intellectually but not seem to reflect the experience of most faithful Christians throughout history?
  • Does this Old Testament teaching agree with ancient Jewish interpretations of the text? How did the Hebrew scholars teach it?
  • Does this teaching agree with the majority of Christian teaching on the passage?


There may be other discerning questions to ask, but if a resource falls short in these areas, I would submit to you that it's not worth using. You can find better options. 



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