Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Children’s Sermon on the Birth of Jesus - God Became Man

Children’s Sermon on the Birth of Jesus - God Became Man

Use this children’s sermon on Jesus’ birth to teach children Jesus was a human and knows what it’s like to experience everything we do.


Scripture: Luke 2


Needed: Jesus as a baby, as a boy, and as a man (included below)


Children’s Sermon: Say, Raise your hand if you knew Jesus was God.


Jesus is God. Jesus was God in a human body. But Jesus was also a human being. He was God, and He was a man.


Here’s a trick question: How old was Jesus when He was born?


As God, He was infinity years old. But as a human, He was a baby. (Show your picture of Baby Jesus.)


As a baby, Jesus cried and got hungry and had to be rocked to sleep – just like we did when we were babies.


But, like us, Jesus grew up and became an older child. (Show your picture of the Boy Jesus.)

As a boy, He knew what it was like to he happy and sad and frustrated and try to make friends with other kids and go to school and do his homework and do his chores at home – all the things we do as kids. He even knew what it was like to be tempted to do wrong things as a kid. But even though He might have been tempted to do something wrong, He never did.


And then Jesus became an adult (Show your picture of the Man Jesus.)

As an adult, Jesus knew what it was like to work and follow God and obey the laws of His country – all the things we do as people today.


Jesus was God, but He was also a human being like us and knows all the things we deal with. When you pray to Jesus this week, remember that He knows exactly what it’s like to be in your situation. He understands everything that happens to you and everything you feel.


Closing Prayer: Jesus, we thank You for coming to be a human being like us. Help us to remember You know exactly what we’re going through, and we can talk to You about anything because You understand. Amen.




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