Friday, August 13, 2021

Children’s Sermon on John 1 – In the Beginning Was the Word

Children’s Sermon on John 1 – In the Beginning Was the Word

Use this children’s sermon on the prologue of John to illustrate how Jesus is the eternal God the Son.


Scripture: John 1:1-18


Needed: a balloon to blow up with air


Children’s Sermon: Start by blowing up a balloon in front of the children, then ask, How did I blow up this balloon? (With air)


How do you know? Did you see the air? (No)


Where did I get the air?


The air was already here, wasn’t it? It was all around us. In fact, it was keeping us alive even though we didn’t see it or think about it.


The only reason we see the air now is because it’s inside this balloon.


That’s kind of like Jesus. Jesus is God the Son. Like God, He was always here. In fact, He made the world. But we didn’t know about Him or see Him until He came to earth as a man.


When Jesus, God the Son, came down from Heaven to live as a man, He was kind of like the air filling up this balloon so that we could see Him. The eternal God the Son came and lived in a human body.


That’s not a perfect explanation of God the Son, but it gives you part of the idea. What I want you to remember today is that because Jesus is God the Son, Jesus always was, even before He came to live on earth.




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