Friday, August 13, 2021

Children’s Sermon on the Preaching of John the Baptist - Luke 3

Children’s Sermon on the Preaching of John the Baptist

Use this children’s sermon on the preaching of John the Baptist to inspire children to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit.


Scripture: Luke 3:1-20


Needed: a picture of someone being mad, being sad, a picture of handcuffs (included below)


Children’s Sermon: Say, our story today is about John the Baptist. John the Baptist was Jesus’ cousin, and he was a preacher. He went out into the desert and told people the right way God wanted them to live.


He also told people when they were doing something wrong and sinning against God. How might someone feel if John told them they were doing something wrong?


They might feel sad (show sad picture) because they know they were doing something wrong.


Or they might feel angry (show angry picture) because they didn’t like John telling them they were doing something wrong.


We don’t like it when people get angry with us, do we? And John the Baptist probably didn’t either, but that didn’t stop him from telling people when they were sinning against God. The Bible tells us that the word of God came to John. That means God told John what to say. God told John to tell people what they were doing was wrong, so even if people got mad at him, John had to keep telling them.


Our passage today tells us that John even told the king that he was sinning against God, and the king had John arrested (show handcuffs picture) and put in jail. 

Do you think John liked being arrested and put in jail?


No, but John knew that God told him to tell the king that what he was doing was wrong, so even if the king arrested him, John had to keep saying it. John had to obey God rather than worry about it people were going to angry at him or do something against him.


Maybe someday God will want you to say something to someone, and you might feel scared to tell them, but remember John the Baptist. He told people what God told him to say, no matter what happened, and that’s what we should do. If God tells us to say something, we should obey God and do it, no matter what happens afterward.


Closing Prayer: Father God, we thank You for the example of John the Baptist. We ask that You give us the courage to tell people what You want us to say to them and not worry about how they will react. We ask that You help us not to worry about what might happen to us for saying it. We just want to obey You. In Jesus’ name, and by the power of Your Spirit, we pray. Amen.




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