Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Children’s Sermon on John 4 – Jesus’ Water and Food

Children’s Sermon on John 4 – Jesus’ Water and Food

Use this children’s sermon about the living water and Jesus’ food to explain how God satisfies and energizes us.

Scripture: John 4:1-42


Needed: a glass or bottle of water, an item of food


Children’s Sermon: Show children your glass or bottle of water and ask, When do you get the most thirsty? (Listen to answers and then tell when you get the thirstiest.)


Our bodies need water, don’t they? If we’re thirsty, we feel better when we take a drink of water. But in our Bible passage today, Jesus teaches that even more important than drinking water is taking God into your body. He calls God the living water that we can take into ourselves.


How do we take God into ourselves? Do we really drink Him in like we take a sip of water?


We take God into us by asking Jesus to come live in our hearts. Then His Holy Spirit comes and lives in us and satisfies us even more than water can.


(Next, show children your item of food.) When do you get really hungry?


Why do we need food? Why do we get hungry?


We get hungry because we need energy. Moving around and playing and even just thinking and breathing calmly takes energy. When we eat food, our body turns that food into energy. It’s like putting gas in the car. The food is our energy.


But later in our Bible passage today, when the disciples were eating food, Jesus taught them that serving God gives us even more energy than eating food. When we know we’re serving God, we’re happy and motivated, and God gives us the energy to do what He asked us to do.


So, the next time you get thirsty, remember that you need God in your heart even more than your body needs water. And the next time you need food for energy, remember that you need God to give you the energy to do His work even more than your body needs food.


Closing Prayer: Jesus, we thank You for teaching us what we really need in life. Come and fill us with Your Holy Spirit and be that living water inside us that satisfies our souls. And give us the energy to do Your work, because we know that our real energy and motivation and satisfaction in life comes from You. Amen.




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