Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Children’s Sermon on John 4:43-54 – Recognizing God's Activity in Our Lives

Children’s Sermon on John 4:43-54 – Recognizing God's Activity in Our Lives

Use this children’s sermon about the son of the royal official from Capernaum to teach kids to recognize God’s activity.


Scripture: John 4:43-54


Needed: a picture of Jesus and a sick boy (included below)


Children’s Sermon: Say, In our story today, a man had a sick son at home. The son was so sick, he was going to die. But the boy’s father knew that Jesus could heal his son, so he went to find Jesus and ask him to come to his house and make his son better.


Did Jesus go with the man to make his son better? (No.)


But did Jesus still heal the man’s son? (Yes. Jesus is so powerful He could heal the man’s son from where He was. He didn’t have to go to his house.)


Now, imagine the sick boy laying in bed at home. At the exact time the man is asking Jesus to heal his son, the boy starts to feel better! Do you think the son knew Jesus was the one making him better?


The son probably didn’t know it was Jesus who helped him until his dad came home and explained it to him. (Show your picture of Jesus and a sick boy.) 


The boy couldn’t see Jesus, and yet Jesus was helping him.


It’s like that in our lives too. God is always helping us, even though we can’t see Him and even when we don’t realize He is the one helping us. God is always with us, working in our lives. I wonder what God is doing in your life today?


Closing Prayer: Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, we thank You for working in our lives to help us even when we can’t see You. Help us to understand that You are the One helping us every day. Amen.




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