Thursday, January 13, 2022

Children’s Sermon on Revelation 4 – The King on the Throne

Children’s Sermon on Revelation 4 – The King on the Throne

Use this children’s sermon on Revelation 4 to teach kids about the God the Father as King.

Scripture: Revelation 4

Needed: nothing

Children’s Sermon: Tell children, Imagine that here in front is a fancy chair called a throne. Who do you think sits on a throne?

A king sits on a throne! A king is a very important person, isn’t he? He rules his whole country.

The Bible tells us that God is our King, who sits on His throne in Heaven and rules the whole world. He’s a good king because He always does what is right. He’s not like a bad king who might be mean to his people or lie to or cheat people. God always does what is right. We can always trust Him as our King.

If God is our King, that means He’s the One who makes the rules, so what should we do for Him?

We should listen to and obey Him! We should follow His rules. Because we know that God is a good King, we know that the rules He makes for us will be good and fair. He’s the good King, who makes good rules, so we should obey Him.  

Closing Prayer: Father God, we thank You being a good King to us. We ask You to help us honor and respect and obey You as our King. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.




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