Monday, April 18, 2022

Christian Movies About the End Times

The Gathering (Movie) - The Lord gives visions in a series of final warnings that He's about to return.


A Thief in the Night (Movie series) - the original "left behind" series. Whatever your view of the End Times, these movies are well worth watching! And yes, they're dated - made in the '70s - but again, well worth watching. There are four movies: A Thief in the Night, A Distant Thunder, Image of the Beast, and A Prodigal Planet.


Years of the Beast (Movie) - This movie focuses on what it might be like for Christians during the time when the Anti-Christ reigns and before Christ returns. It centers on a small group of Christians running from a sheriff in rural America.  


Not Recommended Christian Movies and TV

The following movies don't have anything morally wrong with them; they're just not very high-quality entertainment, so I wouldn't recommend spending time watching them.

Early Warning (Movie) - A one-world government is coming that you can't stop... This movie had a lot of action, just not a lot of substance.

Time Changer (Movie) - A Bible professor from 1890 visits present-day America. It sounds like an interesting premise, but I didn't find the movie to be very entertaining. All it is seeing the shock on the professor's face every time he witnesses a new sin. It does point out how sinful our culture is though, so if you need a wake-up call, or want to use it as a discussion starter, it would certainly serve the purpose. There is a warning about the approach of the End Times at the end, which I did find poignant.


NOT Recommended "Christian" Movies and TV

I hate to bash a movie or TV show someone's making for God's glory, but the following fall short of what I would consider to be Christian. Keep in mind that I'm not reviewing non-Christian or even Christian-friendly (is there such a thing?) entertainment. These are media offerings that have called themselves Christian.

Daily Bread (TV series) - A cast of characters learn to survive when a solar flare makes all electronics non-operational. I wanted to like this show, but after 4 episodes, I saw very little Christian content, and the two Christian characters that are in the show are not very good examples. They're starting a relationship before realizing they're both Christian, and the man, who was studying to be a pastor, says his chosen profession is useless after the solar flare. When would it be more useful?!  




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