Monday, April 18, 2022

Christian Comedy Movies and TV

7th Street Theater (TV series) - a group of Christian actors puts on a weekly community play. See the real-life issues they deal with throughout the week.

A Man Called Jon (Movie) - Pastor Jon is a bit charismatic and needs to find a church where he will fit in. 


Selfie Dad (Movie) - This comedy shows a man trying to relaunch his failed career as a comic, but he finds a lot more than that. 

Not Recommended Christian Movies and TV

The following movies don't have anything morally wrong with them; they're just not very high-quality entertainment, so I wouldn't recommend spending time watching them.

Time Changer (Movie) - A Bible professor from 1890 visits present-day America. It sounds like an interesting premise, but I didn't find the movie to be very entertaining. All it is seeing the shock on the professor's face every time he witnesses a new sin. It does point out how sinful our culture is though, so if you need a wake-up call, or want to use it as a discussion starter, it would certainly serve the purpose.




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