Monday, April 18, 2022

List of Christian Movies and TV Featuring Teens

Christian Movies and TV Featuring Teens

Amazing Love (Movie) - A youth pastor (Sean Astin) teaches five students about unconditional love by telling them an embellished version of the story of Hosea and Gomer.


Healed by Grace (Movie) - Riley Adams wants to be a professional dancer. But what happens when she is injured before the national competition?


A Horse Called Bear (Movie) - A boy is orphaned but finds out his mom owned a horse. Three children are learning what it means to love your neighbor. What can God do with this situation?

Love Waits (Movie) - Their fellow students are pressuring a young guy and girl to have sex. Her dad is looking for his own love relationship. What can God do in this situation? 


A Matter of Faith (Movie) - College can be confusing. Which guy to date? Why does evolutionary theory suddenly sound so plausible? Where's a girl to put her faith?

Remember the Goal (Movie) - The high school girls' cross country team gets a new coach. Can her unconventional methods bring victory to the team?

Touched by Grace (Movie) - What happens when a mean girl meets a Christian girl with Down's Syndrome?

Not Recommended Christian Movies and TV

Decision (Movie) - A teenager goes to spend time with his grandfather after his father dies. I really like the ending of this movie, but the script-writing is poor and the action slow.

The Cross and the Switchblade (Movie) - David Wilkerson evangelizes the gangs of New York City. This is based on the true story on how the ministry Teen Challenge began. It's a great story of courage and conversion. What I don't need is the swearing and on-screen drug use. I would understand the story perfectly well without the "realism."



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