Monday, April 18, 2022

Romantic Christian Movies

2 to Tangle (Movie) - a young woman sticks to her convictions about not moving forward in her relationship with a non-Christian man. Little does she know what God has planned...

Best Friends Recycled (Movie) - There can be love after the loss of a first spouse... but do it God's way.


Courageous Love (Movie) - a young businessman makes some hard choices in this Christian romance movie

Dilly Loves Kitty (Movie) - a man searches for his crush who moved away in second grade, but she is not as he remembers. What will he learn about love?


Fat Chance (Movie) - The true story of how one woman learned to accept herself as a child of God who deserves love and respect just as much as anyone else. This movie is very well made, and though it deals with a serious issue, it's also quite entertaining. 

Fireproof (Movie) - What would you do to save your marriage?

 Healed by Grace (Movie) - Riley Adams wants to be a professional dancer. But what happens when she is injured before the national competition?


The War Within (Movie) - This is a fantastic and very artistic movie. It depicts a man struggling with his faith after a tragic loss. What does it mean for his mind, heart, will, emotions, and conscience to all be transformed by Christ?


Not Recommended Christian Movies and TV

The following movies don't have anything morally wrong with them; they're just not very high-quality entertainment, so I wouldn't recommend spending time watching them.

Me & You, Us, Forever (Movie) - When a Christian man's wife leaves him, he starts thinking about his old girlfriend and goes to see her despite the fact that she's happily married. This is an entertaining movie that didn't add anything to my life.


Steps of Faith (Movie) - A young woman feels called to work with children on a horse ranch. The problem is she doesn't do well with horses or children. This is a decent movie. The problem is none of the Christian characters portray a good example of Christianity. It feels like someone who's not a Christian tried to write a movie about Christians.


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