Monday, November 1, 2021

Play Alpha/Omega: The Free Christian RPG Video Game!

Play Alpha/Omega: The Free Christian RPG Video Game!

In Alpha/Omega, you'll play through the major events of the Bible, gather a party of angels, animal companions, and followers of the faith as you fight off real-life temptations in spiritual combat and explore a variety of game-inspired dreams.

Download the game

Alpha/Omega is free for Android. Get it here:

Free Content Updates

This release takes us from Lucifer's Rebellion in Heaven up through the events in the Garden of Eden. The rest of the major events of the Bible will follow in free content updates.

Build your party and level your characters the way you want. Enjoy the strategy of a robust combat system with powerful skills and items. Revisit your favorite missions and areas in Replay mode.

Future updates will allow players to farm, raise livestock, hunt, mine, craft, and eventually manage a kingdom in a Biblical setting.

Who Should Play?

Alpha/Omega is written from a distinctly Christian perspective. We hope that both gamers who share our beliefs and those who are simply looking for an EPICALLY good story will enjoy it. Alpha/Omega is inspired by Scripture, Christian tradition, and the creator's imagination.


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