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Children's Sermon on Tabitha - Acts 9:36-43 - Loving God and Helping Others

Children's Sermon on Peter and Tabitha - Acts 9:36-43 - Loving God and Helping Others

Use this Peter and Tabitha children's sermon to inspire children to love God and help others.

Needed: Clothes

Lesson: Ask students, How many of you have ever gone shopping for clothes?

Do you like buying new clothes?

What if your parents didn't have any money to buy you new clothes? Would you like that?

(Read Acts 9:36-43 or summarize it with the story below.)

In the Bible, there was a woman named Tabitha. She loved God and knew that God wanted her to help people. Whenever she saw someone who couldn't buy clothes, she would make them clothes and give the clothes to that person.

(Give a piece of clothing to each child.)

Do you think it was nice of Tabitha to make people clothes and give them to them?

Do you think it's important to help people?

But one day, Tabitha died, and everyone was very sad. When Peter came to town, they told him about Tabitha and showed him all the clothes she had made for them. Then Peter prayed, and God brought Tabitha back to life!

Tabitha loved God and was always helping people, so God rewarded her by bringing her back to life.

And you know what? The Bible tells us that if we love God and help other people, too, God will reward us just like He rewarded Tabitha.

Let's pray about that.

Sample prayer: Father God, we thank You for Tabitha's example. We pray that You will help us to love You and help other people however we can, just like Tabitha did. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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