Friday, June 6, 2014

Zacchaeus Sunday School Lesson - Luke 19:1-10

Use this Zacchaeus Sunday School lesson to teach kids that the only requirement for being a follower of Jesus is being willing to let Him into our lives.

Needed: A pad of paper and a pen or pencil

Get out your pad and pencil and say, I want to write down some things we have to be in order to be Jesus' followers. First, do we have to be tall or short to be Jesus' follower?

Does it really matter how tall we are?

Okay. What kind of job do we need to have to be Jesus' follower?

Does it really matter what kind of job we have?

Well, do we have to be popular and have everyone like us to be Jesus' follower?

Does it really matter if we're popular?

(Read Luke 19:1-10.)

So, Zacchaeus was short, not tall. He had a good job and was rich, and people didn't like him. But none of those things (how tall he was, his job, or his level of un-popularity) were what made Zacchaeus a good follower of Jesus. What made Zacchaeus a good follower of Jesus is that 1) he wanted to see Jesus - that's why he climbed up the tree, so he could see Jesus, right? and 2) he welcomed Jesus into his house.

Do you want to see and meet Jesus?

Would you welcome Jesus into your house?

You know, we can welcome Jesus into our house every day by praying to Him at home, reading our Bible, talking about Him with our parents, and doing the right things that Jesus would want us to do. Those are all ways of welcoming Jesus into our homes, like Zacchaeus did, and being good followers of Jesus.

Let's pray about that.

Sample prayer: Jesus, we do want to see You someday. But for now, please help us to welcome You into our homes by spending time with You and doing what You ask us to do when we are at home. Then we will be Your good followers and You will be happy with us. Amen.

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