Thursday, February 4, 2021

Children’s Sermon for Psalm 2 – Vain Rebellion

Children’s Sermon for Psalm 2 – Vain Rebellion

Use this children’s sermon about Psalm 2 to show children that rebelling against God is useless.


Scripture: Psalm 2


Needed: a metal baking pan, wads of paper or cotton balls or some similar soft material for kids to throw


Children’s Sermon: Give kids the wads of paper/cotton balls and say, “I want you to throw your ammunition against this metal pan as hard as you can.”


Give the kids a few seconds to throw their projectiles. Then, show them your pan again. Ask, “Did you hurt my pan by throwing those things at it?


No, my pan is just fine, exactly as it was before I gave you those things to throw. You know, my pan is a lot like God. And those things you were throwing is a lot like how people try to rebel against God.


(Read Psalm 2:1-3.)


The psalm asks, Why do people rebel against God? The One on the throne laughs at them.


When we rebel against God, it doesn’t hurt Him, just like you throwing your projectiles against my pan didn’t hurt my pan. God is stronger than all humans, and nothing we can do will harm Him or defeat Him or make Him give up. God always wins, and it’s not hard for Him to win. It’s very easy for Him to defeat any kind of rebellion we mount against Him.


So, the best thing for us to do is not to try to defeat God but to always be on His side. We show we’re on God’s side by listening to and obeying Him. Then, if we’re on the side of the strong God, the strong God will be on our side too, and He will help us when we need it.


Closing Prayer: Our God, You are strong beyond any human powers. Help us to be humble and obey You in everything You say. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.





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