Friday, July 30, 2021

2 Samuel 11:10-11 Devotion by Stephen Taylor

2 Samuel 11:10-11

David was told, "Uriah did not go home." So he asked Uriah, "Haven't you just come from a military campaign? Why didn't you go home?" Uriah said to David, "The ark and Israel and Judah are staying in tents, and my commander Joab and my lord's men are camped in the open country. How could I go to my house to eat and drink and make love to my wife? As surely as you live, I will not do such a thing!"


This morning, the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about Uriah’s loyalty, and He posed a question: “ Are we as loyal to our King as Uriah was to his?” Uriah was loyal to his king, his king's cause, and his king's men, but do we honor Jesus and serve Him the same way? Do we serve Jesus over everything or just when it’s convenient?


One of the crazy things is that Uriah served and honored a king who sinned against him, would murder him, and would take his wife as his own. Our King has not and would not do any of those things, yet do we show Him the same reverence and honor?


This isn’t a post to beat us up but to get us to look at our lives through a different lens. It’s easy to be loyal to things that are fun, like sports teams, family, and friends, but what happens when that loyalty costs us something? Are we stilling willing to pay the price?


Jesus Himself tells us we will have trouble in this world and that there is a cost to being His disciple, so why are we surprised when His words come true? This world is not our home. We are to work, serve, and share the love of Christ and His Gospel while we’re here, but this is not it! This world isn’t the finish line but the starting block! Christ calls us to be loyal because He is loyal above all others! He calls us to serve and surrender because He served and surrendered! He calls us to live a life worthy of being called His because He gave the only life worthy of redeeming us from our sins!


John 13:15 – “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”


Ephesians 4:1 - As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.


God bless! I love you all! Glory, Honor, and Praise now and forever to Papa God, Jesus Christ our Living King, and the Holy Spirit!




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