Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Revelation 3 Children's Sermon - Letter to Philadelphia - Jesus Has the Key!

Children’s Sermon on Revelation 3 – Letter to Philadelphia – Jesus Has the Key!

Use this children’s sermon on Jesus holding the Key of David to show that He is in control.

Scripture: Revelation 3:7-13

Needed: a lock and key (could be on a door or as part of a hook lock)

Children’s Sermon: Give or lead children to a locked lock and ask them to open it. When they can’t, ask, What do you need to open the lock? (A key!)

(Show your key and open the lock. Then have kids close the lock.) Can you keep me from unlocking the lock? Why not?

You can’t keep me from unlocking it because I have the key! You can’t unlock it because you don’t have the key. The one with the key has all the power over the lock.

That’s why Jesus says He holds the key. If He wants something to happen, it will happen. If He doesn’t want something to happen, it won’t happen. He’s in control.

Is it a good thing that Jesus holds the key and is in control of everything? Yes, because Jesus is good and wise. With Him in control, we can trust that everything will work out for the best. He’s the best person to be in charge of what happens.

Closing Prayer: Jesus, You are the best person to be in control of everything that happens. Help us to trust You to be the One to hold the key. Amen.

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