Free Children's Sermons

Free Children's Sermons

Hi, friends! Here's my growing list of children's sermons. I hope you find them useful for your worship service or as short devotionals.

Note that some of the links will open to our sister site, Blessed Steps.

Children's Sermons about the Bible - 9 children's sermons to help teach kids what the Bible is and why they can trust it

Children's Sermons about Creation and Adam Eve - 10 children's sermons that cover a variety of subjects from the first chapter of Genesis

Children's Sermons about the Fall and the Flood - 10 children's sermons about the Fall, Cain and Abel, Enoch, and Noah

Children's Sermons - The People Build a Tower, but God Builds a Family - 10 children's sermons about the Tower of Babel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Esau, and Joseph

Children's Sermons about the Exodus - 10 children's sermons on the major stories in Exodus through Joshua

Children's Sermons about the Ten Commandments - 11 children's sermons about why God gives us rules and each of the Ten Commandments

Children's Sermons about Samuel and David - 12 children's sermons about Samuel, Saul, David, and Abigail

Be Like Sheep, Snakes, and Doves - children's sermon for Matthew 10:16

Children's Sermons about the Holidays - 25 children's sermons for each major holiday of the year, sacred and secular