Free Children's Sermons

Hi, friends! Here's my growing list of children's sermons. I hope you find them useful for your worship service or as short devotionals.

Children's Sermons about the Bible - 9 children's sermons to help teach kids what the Bible is and why they can trust it

Children's Sermons about Creation and Adam Eve - 10 children's sermons that cover a variety of subjects from the first chapter of Genesis

Children's Sermons about the Fall and the Flood - 10 children's sermons about the Fall, Cain and Abel, Enoch, and Noah

Children's Sermons - The People Build a Tower, but God Builds a Family - 10 children's sermons about the Tower of Babel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Esau, and Joseph

Children's Sermons about the Exodus - 10 children's sermons on the major stories in Exodus through Joshua

Children's Sermons about the Ten Commandments - 11 children's sermons about why God gives us rules and each of the Ten Commandments

Children's Sermons about Samuel and David - 12 children's sermons about Samuel, Saul, David, and Abigail

Children's Sermons about the Holidays - 25 children's sermons for each major holiday of the year, sacred and secular

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